Let’s meet for a Healthy Home Assessement!

A Healthy Home Assessment is a 1-hour consultation (phone or in person) to discuss your project, goals and concerns regarding the health of your home. With our green home checklist, we will show you how easy it is to go green and create a toxin-free home of your dreams.

  • We will give you recommendations on products and services we use in our own homes: water filtration and air purification systems, technology to make your home smart, safe and more energy efficient plus lots of easy to implement green tips
  • We will assess your home testing needs (water, air, dust mites, VOCs, formaldehyde, mold) depending on your needs and health of your family
  • We will provide a follow up report based on our findings/testing and suggest healthy and eco-friendly retail purchases

Let’s create a Healthy, Beautiful Green Home!


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