Green Schools

  • Daycare, Preschools & Schools

Home for Zen works with daycares, preschools and schools to create an optimal, clean environment for learning and thriving. We will work with you to green the space by sourcing paint, materials, furniture, products, play mats and accessories that are chemical and toxin free. We will also work with you to create a healthy menu for meals and snacks. Since many childhood health issues are directly related to environmental exposures, it is essential that children’s spaces are organic and safe.

Wellness Corporate Programs

  • Corporate Employee lifestyle programs

If you are a corporation and would like to implement a wellness program, we will work with you to create a plan to make sure your employees are working in an optimal environment. From selecting healthy snacks, ensuring superior air quality and educating on wellness in Lunch & Learn workshops, let’s make sure your employees are benefitting from their work environment.

People spend a great deal of their time at work, and a greener work space can do wonders to improve employee happiness, health and productivity.

We are available for speaking engagements

  • We had the pleasure of having Ania & Annalise speak at our Wellness Month session.  Their “Boost Your Immunity” nutrition talk was very much anticipated by our staff and the session most certainly delivered. It was filled with important information on nutritional intake (that we often know but occasionally forget in our busy day to day lives!), supplements we can take and tips for healthier living for our mind, body and our environment.  An added bonus from the event was that everyone received a pamphlet with healthy and quick recipes and a mini reference guide on healthier alternatives that we can substitute in our daily diets.   They both came across very knowledgeable in their respective areas and shared many wonderful tips on how they help their clients achieve and maintain their personal health goals to lead more satisfying lives.  We highly recommend them!

    Alice O. Financial Services Company, NYC

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