Family Nutritional Counseling

At Home for Zen, we care about the health of your family and love education parents how to create a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition is as important to our health as our environment, and we create personalized plans that combine these two factors to create lifestyle changes. Many of our clients are planning to start a family or have been struggling with fertility issues.

We are your partners in your parenting journey from the prenatal, pregnancy, infancy, toddler and early childhood years through adolescence. We can customize our detox and nutrition plans to suit your individual needs and your stage in life, optimizing your health and creating long-term changes.

Pre-Conception Detox and Pregnancy Counseling

Research suggests that parents-to-be should consider detoxing the home and body at least 12 months prior to conception. Home for Zen will work with you to prepare you, your pantry and your home for optimal wellness. This is the perfect time to focus on clean eating and clean living.

We want to educate the next generation of parents on how cleaning up one’s diet and environment are vital to having a healthy baby. This can be particularly important for families who are starting a family late and may have higher risk factors for certain complications. Read Annalise’ story here.

Men and women today are living extraordinarily stressful lives. We all eat too much sugar and processed food, and we are exposed to hundreds of synthetic chemicals in our personal care products, cleaning supplies and food. Many of us take birth control for decades. All of these factors can affect a couple’s ability to conceive a baby.

Fertility experts recommend that couples start thinking about limiting exposure to toxins by cleaning up their diets and home about a year pre-conception. Limiting exposure to toxins while maximizing nutrition and health prior to conceiving (and of course during and post-pregnancy) will improve fertility, discourage miscarriage and reduce risk factors for chronic conditions such as asthma, allergies, ADHD and even autism in children. A year might seem like a long time but that’s how long it takes to effectively detoxify the body, improve or heal any nutritional deficiencies and health conditions and green your environment.

The decision to have a baby provides an opportunity take a proactive approach to health. We can use this time to better understand our bodies and the relationship between food, toxins and stress.

Pre-Conception and Pregnancy Services include:

  • Health coaching to maximize nutrition, minimize toxins and improve health through hands-on cooking, shopping and pantry makeover
  • Green home makeover: testing for radon, formaldehyde, VOCs, lead and mold, recommendations for water and air purification systems and smart solutions to improve air quality without any renovations.
  • Setting up Green Baby Registry
  • Designing  Green Baby nursery
  • Ania has a very special gift of educating you about nutrition in a way that you don't feel overwhelmed but excited and motivated.  Her recipes are simple and delicious and her time spent with you is well worth any investment.  She is readily available and made it a very simple understanding process in what can sometimes feel very overwhelming.   My family loves what I prepare for them and they have also taken interest in making smarter choices when it comes to nutrition.

    Helen L. Rye, NY
  • Ania is full of thoughtful and insightful information about your food and how you prepare it and even where to buy it. She gives so many practical suggestions in a brief window with great variety and it all tastes amazing. She is truly an incredible cook, wise health coach and the whole experience is really fun.

    Cali Gibbs Rye, NY

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