5 unique, sustainable gifts for everyone on your list

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We are still working through our Christmas shopping list. How about you? If you need ideas for unique, healthy or eco-friendly gifts we have found 5 products that have captured our hearts and imagination. Here at Home for Zen, we believe that we shouldn’t just be buying stuff. Let’s buy the stories and magic behind the products, made by passionate people who actually care about quality, human health and the environment.

Here are our latest obsessions:

  1. Glass Straws. If you have a smoothie lover in your circle, this is a cool idea to gift a product that helps the planet and their health. By using a reusable glass straw you are eliminating plastic from your life (fun fact: in the US we use 500 million plastic straws daily, that’s a lot of plastic pollution) and avoiding icky toxins like BPA leaching from plastic straws. Win win! These lead-free straws come in a beautiful package that can be reused for storage. They are thick and sturdy and easy to clean with an included tiny brush.  Finally, they are made in the USA. Our favorite gift for less than $20.
  2. Klomp Ceramics serving plate from Sarza. This brand of ceramics by South African artist, Alexia Klompje, is perfect for a chef or anyone who loves to entertain. Diagnosed with brain cancer in 2012, Alexia needed something creative to do while she was recovering. The idea of working with clay came to her in a dream one night and Klomp Ceramics was born. Making beautiful, organically shaped, modern ceramics allowed Alexia to tell her story and heal. This gorgeous marble plate is available at Sarza, a gift store in Rye, NY, carrying hand-crafted items from up and coming designers.
  3. Coyuchi Organic Turkish Bath Towels. These gorgeus towels are perfect for someone who enjoys beautiful home things and spas… They are made with 100% organic cotton and are processed to the strictest environmental standards in safe and humane conditions. These towels are lightweight, super absorbent and quick drying, plush they look amazing in our bathroom.
  4. 3DUX | DESIGN building kits. DIY design kits, made for kids by kids, are just blank cardboard cut-outs that your kids can paint, decorate and sprinkle with glitter for endless hours of building entertainment. Perfect for little architects to experiment and build on their STEAM education. Made in Bridgeport, CT by an entrepreneurial family, we love that the kits come with no instructions. All you need is an active imagination.
  5. Tata Harper Skin Care. This organic line is perfect for any beauty junkie. Conventional skin care is full of artificial fragrances, parabens and phtalates that have been proven to wreck havoc on our hormones. Not this line! Tata Harper is an ultra lux, high concentration skincare line that truly cares about creating superior performing products without toxins, fillers and artificial fragrances. Started by Tata Harper in 2010, the whole line is grown, manufactured and bottled on a 1,200 farm in Vermont.  You no longer have to sacrifice health for beauty, these products are high performing and have won multiple awards from the likes of Allure magazine.

And what do you get for a friend who has absolutely everything? Show them you care about their wellbeing and get them a consultation with Home for Zen. We will help them create a Beautiful, Healthy, Green home. Whether they want to renovate/ redesign their house in a healthy and sustainable way or simply have children and worry about toxins, we will show them how to greenify their home without sacrificing aesthetic and comfort.

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