With a passion for nature and organic form, Home for Zen is best known for a modern, chic and richly-textured aesthetic. Ania Dunlop loves to partner with her clients to design homes ripe for a refresh, transforming them into modern, luxurious but livable spaces that are made for lounging. The result is often a largely neutral palette with a pop of color, streamlined furnishings and show stopping light fixtures, which she believes to be “jewelry for the home”.

Designing for wellness is one of Ania’s top priorities. While making a home that is a sanctuary from the stress of the outside world is on everyone’s list, she goes a step further and employs a mindful approach to material selection. Think natural materials that come from the earth like stone, wood, cotton and wool — all of which are non-toxic and promote the health and wellbeing of people and the environment.

Master of mixing and matching textures, she creates layered rooms through the use of performance fabrics, nubby rugs, breezy window coverings and custom furnishings that bring joy and calm to her clients but can also withstand the messes of life. As a result, her designs are about sophistication, practicality and sustainability, a rare combination that is resonating with clients who want a beautiful family-friendly vibe plus a unique green edge.

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